Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Here Goes.

I’m taking the plunge, making the jump, leaping across the line from paper journal to electronic blog. In the old days when I was single, in college, and working part time, I would spend hours—hours—at my favorite coffee shop, iPod turned up, with my Bible, leather journal, and a hot cup of chai as my friends.
Now that I’m married, working full time, and preparing for our first baby to come in just 4 months I’m wishing I had that same free time to slip away, get lost in my Bible, sip on a French Mint Mocha and pour out my reflections on my favorite parchment.
But times are different…now that I live 40 miles from my favorite coffee shop and juggle work, keeping up our house, and caring for my husband (phew…we don’t even have kids yet!) I may never have that kind of free time like I did before. Needless to say, my hobby of writing has been put on the back burner. But I have observed in myself in the last year a growing ache to release my thoughts and dreams and desires, if for nothing more than release itself, although I always enjoy feedback from those who read my words.
So I’m conforming to the trend of many other writers. I cringe at the thought of giving in to the information age, giving up my paper journal for a broadcast blog, and detaching myself in a sense from the joy and discipline of taking the time to handwrite my thoughts. I tell myself that I will still steal any opportunity to get away and write in my favorite parchment journal…this blog will just be my outlet for those day-to-day ponderings that I will likely not have time to sit down and write out by hand, away from all distractions, especially once our son or daughter arrives.
Thus…welcome to my Parchment Ponderings; paper-meant thoughts in a paperless age.


  1. Yea! Bloggers are happy to have you, although my blogging generally takes off in the summer when I'm not so busy.

  2. Thats great....I started mine recently too, and it is seeming to be a good release! I also invite feedback as its good to hear other opinions if you need an answer to a question, etc, etc!
    Look forward to reading yours though xx