Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm not ready for fall. But ready or not...

...The leaves are turning, the air is cooling, and the farmers are bringing in their harvest to the silos down our street. The shelves at the grocery store are now donned with warm shades of brown and orange-colored decorations, pumpkin pie fillings, and other autumnal items.

Andrew has purchased his hunting tags for the season. He can't wait to dust off his bow and bring home a buck.

Judah now wears size 3/6 months. All those cute summer outfits now lie beneath a fresh pile of warm long-sleeved onesies and pajamas.

And, as if the above haven't been sufficient to tell me the season's a-changing, my allergies sure have. Funny, fall is usually my favorite season, but this year I've been reluctant to let go of summer. Maybe it's because this summer held so many new, fresh, wonderful milestones and memories for me.

The birth of our firstborn son. The wonderful experience at the hospital. The adventure of childbirth and bringing our baby home. All the "firsts" for us as parents and for him as a growing child.

I realize my new apprehension for the permanence of fall's arrival is two-fold: One, as much as I look forward to the moments and days and years ahead watching our son grow, I don't want to let go of these precious "firsts", and two, I am not ready for the cold!

But I do not hold Time in my hand. I am not the Maker of the seasons, and no matter how hard I try, I cannot still the hand that brings growth and change. And why would I want to? So, while I purpose to engrave these wonderful experiences and memories into my heart's memory, I will praise the God who has given me these blessings and embrace the changes--and more "firsts"--that are to come.

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