Friday, December 14, 2012

Meet Bo.

Short for Hobo. He's my newly pseudo-adopted furry friend.

A few weeks ago I saw this skittish orange Tabby hanging out on our deck. He ran and hid whenever I'd come near. Over time, whenever I'd see the giant cat lounging on one of our patio chairs, I'd slowly slip outside with a can of tuna as a peace offering, which he accepted cautiously.

Now, he's here every other day or so, soaking up the sun on the comfy padded chairs. He even stays into the dark hours of the evening, and then vanishes to who knows where else. He now will approach me within inches, and today even let me pet his head. When I first met him he was a sad looking thing, and he still is to a degree; he had scratches on his face, his fur was thinning on his back, and he just looked like a tired old Tomcat, moving slowly and emitting scratchy pathetic meows. Despite the angle of this picture, he does have a nice long tail.  Now, I'd like to believe the benefits of the hearty tuna servings he's been dished have improved the looks of his mangy coat.

I know Judah's too young to understand the concept of charity, but whenever Bo is here, I talk to Judah about the importance of doing kind things for others, as Jesus teaches us to, which can on occasion include feeding an old homeless cat a yummy meal. I look forward to the day when he's older and we can go to nursing homes and orphanages together to volunteer our time and give away the love of Jesus to others in need.

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